Club Fitting
Like anything else in life, golf clubs are not “one-size-fits-all.” Think about it. Would it make sense for someone who stands 152 cm to use the same club as someone who stands 182 cm? You would either have the tall person crouching over or the shorter one standing farther away from his or her ball. Either of these issues can have a serious effect on your golf swing. We have an indoor flight centre as well as our driving range.

With the vast number of products on the market these days, finding the right equipment, especially if you are much shorter or taller than the average person, can be extremely difficult. At Devonport Pro Shop we offer the latest equipment designed to make the proper adjustments to your clubs for a more natural, comfortable swing.

Our experts can work with you to fit your clubs, even allowing you to take practice swings on the range to ensure the clubs feel right. At the Devonport Pro Shop we properly fit clubs using GC2 launch monitor with Ping n Flight fitting system technology. You will notice the considerable difference in how your clubs perform and how much better and more comfortable your golf swing feels.

If you are concerned that your golf clubs simply aren't the right size for you, then stop in to Devonport Pro Shop. We offer affordable solutions to all of your golf problems. Stop by today!
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